September Begins Tomorrow…

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So, Monday I announce my plans to post here on my blog every single weekday…and then I don’t post at all yesterday. For this, I do apologize. I have no excuse except that I didn’t make the time to do it.

I will say, I made eighty percent of the videos I meant to make, doing planner and journal flip-throughs, both unfinished and finished. These will begin coming out, hopefully, tomorrow, but more than likely the bulk will appear next week and the week after. I still have a couple more I want to film. Plus, I think, after all of my other work re-dating planners and everything, I have settled on my actual main planner for the coming … season. Earlier this year I bought the undated 5-in-1 Go Getter Girl planner (this is NOT an affiliate link). They come in several different colors. They also have dated planners, guided planners, bullet journals, and tons of accessories. You should check them out. I had originally intended to take that first planner (the one I bought is a 6 months planner) and use it, while incorporating all the new practices I might learn while using it into my bullet journaling practice. That is not what happened. It got stuck in a drawer and lost for a time. Basically, I put it somewhere safe, because I ordered it, I think, before the beginning of the year, and well, safe here means…how long will it take to find it again? Yes, I live in the twilight zone. Or maybe the Bermuda Triangle. Everything eventually turns up; sometimes it takes quite a while before it does.


I was researching planners. Mom’s Agenda. Amplify Planner. Even though I know I won’t be happy with them, I even looked at Happy Planners.

Let me state, that yes, I am a Passion Planner Ambassador. If you want 10% off your entire purchase, please use my discount code: TABITHAL487 when you check out at

I have a stack of Passion Planners that will take me years into the future. I have two years’ worth of the small undated daily planners. I have a year’s worth of large undated daily planners. I have a weekly undated planner. I have an academic planner. I have about four, five, or more (I am not sure right now) weekly planners in various sizes. So, I am good on the Passion Planner front for a while.

I ended up buying a second six months planner, the same as I had gotten before, only in a different color, yesterday, because my brain has begun to bubble over.

The one thing I haven’t been able to do — even though technically I could with the undated planner — is to start my planner in October and go from there. I want to use something alongside my Passion Planner in the coming year. I am thinking that what I will be doing is using the Passion Planner for actually planning. The Go Getter Girl will be for memory keeping. I will have my bullet journal for tracking and reflection. Maybe gratitude as well. I might have to use a different journal for that; we’ll have to see. The other thing I am going to try to do, because I do want to be a good ambassador to Passion Planner because of all their charity work and all the good things that these planners have and help people accomplish, is how to incorporate a daily planner into my system as well.

I had printed out a month of the undated daily planner (which you can find here; it is free) so I could play and practice this month before taking the dive into a large daily planner set-up next month. Once I pulled out everything I wanted to use for the month, the daily didn’t seem useful or needed and felt more complicated than anything…especially since I am in the middle of accessing and re-accessing everything.

I will keep you updated as I go along because even I am not sure what will be happening.

I will say, I am not giving up my weeks notebooks. I love them.