August Is Hard

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I am not apologizing for not posting yesterday.

I was sick. I suffered an injury.

And we had a ton of appointments and things that had to be done for the family and household.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been scheduling everything here lately.

Rather, I’ve been writing when I made the time to write and publishing then. If I had more to write on that day, I would schedule it for the next day.

Otherwise, I did what I did when I did and left it at that.

This is no disrespect to you, Gentle Reader.

August is a difficult month for me. The heat. Allergies. Normal household things…they always seem the worst in August of late.

August is a transitory time. Transitions can be difficult.

Especially when a person is not prepared.

This year, I thought I was prepared. But, much like the rest of the year, it is being proven to me that I am not in any way prepared.

But that is ok.

When things cock up the way they have been lately, when things basically go everywhere and nowhere all at once, there is always that reason on the other side.

I will, of course, continue posting the pieces about working in your Grimoire of Self here, but writing this month has given me a new perspective on how I want to manage the GOS after this.

What began as a blog your own book experiment with this suddenly re-opened to possibilities that I had previously thought about and then turned away from for a variety of reasons.

I will get into this more at a later time.

Don’t worry. It’s going to go nowhere but up from the very basics that I have been showing you and offering you on this blog. At least for that, I now have a plan in hand.

So, being hit with unplanned things can and often does push me into different places outside of my comfort zone that I may not have otherwise explored.

Plus, I have missed being able to write about things other than GOS here lately. I am running into that with my newsletter on Substack as well. I would love to write about different things. I have many other topics I wish to explore and investigate and offer to my readers.

With that in mind, knowing that I will randomly post GOS exercises periodically while I work up the rest that will be coming in the future, I am letting the dedicated only posting about GOS this month go.

Now, what else would you like to hear about from me?

Let me know in the comments below.