Post Round-Up For The Week Of August 15-21

I finally got some YouTube videos up. More will be coming out soon.

Re-Dated Wonderland222 Planner

A5 Bullet Journal August Set-Up

B5 Notebook With July Trackers Set-Up

A5 Bullet Journal Set-Up


Next, here are a couple of TikTok videos.

My medium Passion Planner after the pen

My medium Passion Planner Weekly, August set up


On to my Substack newsletters, all still with planning and planners as the topic.

Changing Things Up In The Way I Plan

Stuck In The Spiral Of My Current Goals

Color Coding In My Planner


Last but not least, continuing on with the Tarot theme, are my Medium articles.

Tarot Shout-Outs

How I Began My Tarot Journey

The Strange Way To Destroy A Deck

The Strange Things In This Tarot Journey

Altering A Purchased Tarot Deck For Your Own Personal Use