The Season Of The First Harvest Begins August 1 With Lammas

Photo by Markus Spiske on

I am not here to teach you about Lammas. There are plenty of other highly skilled people online and in bookstores that can and will teach you whatever you want to know about Lammas.

My thing here is to show myself to you. To show you who I am.

I spent the past few days wandering the rabbit warren of YouTube, watching journal videos, people sharing notebooks, people making different journals, people flipping through their journals, planners, diaries, and everything else.

I did this during a time when I have been missing art journaling, missing my daily ritual practice, as taught by Jennibellie (I can’t find anything at the moment that links directly to Jennibellie talking about daily rituals journaling, but she is where I learned it from.) I’ve been missing my more visually creative side, even though I have continued to dabble, minutely, here and there with collage, or painting.

Some of the diary and journal flip-throughs I watched flipped some dormant switch inside me.

I have long loved the very aesthetic, carefully curated journals, with stickers and collage and writing in two or more columns per page. With delicate tiny writing.

Yeah, well, I can’t quite manage that. But I can throw markers and paints and collage and pens and scribbles and doodles and tons of writing into a book and call it my sacred work because that is what it is.

So that is what I am doing, and what I will be sharing in the coming months.

Please stand by.