Ah, The Great Magic And Grace Of Permission

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

In a recent video (please don’t ask me which one–I have no idea), Jashii Corrin made a sort of off-the-cuff remark — and something inside me broke off and floated away. It gave me a freedom and a joy that I didn’t realize I needed/was missing/so on.

The off-hand comment was something along the lines of don’t feel you have to use every single page of every single notebook you ever use.



I have had this issue where, once I finished a month (or earlier on in my bujo journey, when I finished the last month) in a journal and there were left-over pages, I would use those empty pages to glue things in on those pages, like cards, tickets, little mementos, and whatnot.

Now Jashii is saying I can stop wherever I want to in a journal and just…let it go.

Oh my.

I have also started several journals where I start the notebook with a particular theme/subject in mind. I get it all set up for that theme, that purpose. Maybe I use it a little bit. Maybe I never touch it again after the setup is complete. There are times I pull these journals out and try to rework them, and turn them into something else so they can fulfill a different purpose.

Now, I can simply let it go and pick up a brand-new journal and start from there.

Permission can be amazing. I am so grateful Jashii made that comment.

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