So, I Took May Off From This Blog

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I hope you enjoyed all the mermaid prompts from this past May.
I told you I was taking May off to make some decisions, and see what changes, if any, would be happening to the blog.
Since I myself have had a massive transformation in the past month, well, actually the past two months, but still, you will see changes here because of that.
Number one: the Wednesday prompts are not stopping nor are they changing. Our mermaid fantasies shall continue throughout the year. Perhaps even longer.
Number two: basically this blog has been in a holding pattern for … a long time. Here’s my planner stuff. Here’s my knitting stuff. Now and then I would throw in something decent, like the Grimoire exercises, but overall, meh.
That is going to stop now. Expect articles, essays, and more profound and deeper work. There will always be more prompts, in addition to the Wednesday ones, never fear.
I have decided to focus more on my writing. Basically, I am beginning to build my writing empire as of June 1 (Marilyn Monroe’s birthday).
You are invited to come along. Of course, this blog will stand. I also have a Medium account and a Substack account. I hope to see you at both. In the works as well is a newsletter that will come directly to your inbox via some mail service as yet undecided, but that may be a project for 2023. I have a great deal of work to do getting everything prepped and set up and rocking and rolling.
I do hope you will join me on this fork in my journey. I hope you enjoy it and have fun along the way as well.

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