Currently On The Easel

Photo by Guillaume Didelet on Unsplash

Now that my Sedna piece is complete, I have not one but two new canvases up and in the works.

The first actually is a canvas. I think it’s a thirty-six-inch by thirty-six-inch canvas. The second is — I forget what kind of wood, but it is two-foot by two-foot.

The canvas is going to be my Freya piece. Duncan and I have worked on this canvas and another just like it, playing with paints and collages and all manner of different things. The Freya one he used as an undersheet for some of his other painted artworks so there is a lot of glitter and overlay on that, which I love.

For the wooden one, she is going to be my Hela piece. This one has been evolving in my journal and in my head for well over a year. Most of my pieces like this begin and end in my journal in some shape or another. Not only a basic sketch or some shorthand of what I want to end up on the canvas but more like prayers and wishes and dreams and conversations with the Goddess in question.

I only have a few select layers on the Hela piece as yet. I did some journaling and some written prayers and turned that into collage material that I glued onto the surface, along with some other bits and pieces of different things.

I have no clear vision of where either of these pieces will end up at any point. I have ideas on where to take the process and how to talk to the Goddesses in question. As things move along, I will keep you updated.

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