New Moon In Aries And Things Are Moving

Photo by 小谢 on Unsplash

Nothing like using some Aries energy to get things moving and shaking around here.

So, the first step I have taken to move forward here on this blog is…to delete a whole bunch of links and things.

I no longer have a Gumroad site. Those links here have gone away. I no longer have a Weebly site, which is where I was transitioning to because I had a lot more than digital listings to add. Those links have gone away. As of this moment, my Patreon page is unpublished because I did some updating on it and it has to go through the approval process again. Although the link is still there, it won’t be active until I am re-approved on Patreon.

Having said all of that, having deleted all of that, what does that mean for you, here, going forward?

Well, right now, I am not quite sure. I will continue to show up here. As far as the plan goes, I will be posting pretty much as I always have. The Wednesday prompts will never be interrupted; don’t even worry about that.

As new things crop up, I’ll let you know. My whole process has been about expanding the work I do while pulling everything back into one single place to find everything. And so, here we are.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Drop them below and I will get back to you.