Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

For February, the Writual Society Non-Fiction Book Club read: Pathworking The Tarot by Leeza Robertson.

The book takes you through exercises on every single card of your particular deck, giving you different types of exercises to do with your cards. There are three types of exercises: Intentional, Intuitive, and Wandering. No cutting up of cards or anything like that.

For the book club last month, I read through the book, but I did not do the exercises. I tried to. I started to. None of the decks I currently have on hand wanted to work with me through this book. And that is ok.

Fine, it took me a little bit to come to terms and accept that that was ok because I had just purchased a new Tarot deck that I am in love with (the Santa Muerte Tarot) … and the decks that I normally rely on are my Spiritsong Tarot and my Wildwood Tarot. I had no desire to buy a new Tarot deck just to work through this book.

But I know how I work with the Universe and I waited to see what would happen. Maybe one of the other Tarot decks I have here would want to do the work with me. Maybe another deck would show up–my mother gives me different decks all the time. That’s how I got into Lenormand decks. We went to Half-Priced Books here locally recently and I scanned the Tarot decks they had for sale–and for once they had a cabinet stuffed full of all sorts of Oracle and Tarot decks…and not a single one appealed to me on any level.

In the beginning of the Pathworking The Tarot, Leeza gives suggestions for several decks to work with, but when I read that part, I made a mental note and nothing more.

Today I was reading an email from Jamie Ridler and she had a Tarot deck suggestion at the end of her email…and I immediately went to check that out…because, over the years, Jamie has suggested decks that my children and I have gotten, have used, have loved and still use. I went to look at this deck, the Light Seer’s Tarot…which led me to look at a few other decks…and I thought I also looked up the decks that Leeza had suggested in her book. I put the decks that spoke to me in my wishlist and pulled out my book. None of the three decks that I wishlisted were the ones that Leeza had suggested. So I looked up the decks she had suggested in the book…and not a one of those spoke to me at all. The three that had spoken to me earlier were similar in name to the ones she had suggested but were very different.

Sounds a lot like me all around.

In the end, I did end up buying a new deck … instead of buying the Gaian Tarot, which Leeza suggested, I bought the Dreams Of Gaia Tarot. See what I mean about the name being close to the suggestion, but not quite? I am waiting for that deck to come in–while I read this month’s Writual Society‘s march Non-Fiction book: Tarot For Your Self by Mary K Greer.

What about you? What are you reading…and why? Are you a member of a book club? Goodreads? Anything like that where you keep track of your reading and/or discuss it with others? Let me know in the comments below.