Last week was busy for me. I set down many things to accomplish a great deal of cleaning, deep cleaning, and organizing throughout the house. My husband was gone on his annual ski trip (yes, there is a reason I don’t go right now) and so I was able to do my weird circular thing, at any given hour, and get more done than I normally would. Normally, since a lot of what I need to do is in the same room as his office for work, I don’t do that much so I don’t disturb him–add into the fact that a lot of the time my energy levels ramp up in the evenings and at night, I don’t do as much as I could because he’s sleeping and I don’t want to wake him up or keep him up. So instead of the deep clean, lugging everything around, pulling stuff out of closets and going through it over a two-day period where it sits out in the middle of the floor or whatever, on a daily basis–I do a little here and a little there. Then he goes on his ski trip… and I go all out as much as I am able. It feels good.

I did manage to get a lot done while he was gone. I had a list and I stuck to it as much as I was physically able–and that felt really good. Not only did I have a list–I had a day-by-day to-do list set up. That made it even better. I took three pieces of paper, broke each piece into three sections, for three days each. He left one the first Friday…and came back on the Saturday after that weekend…

I made a master list on a separate piece of paper detailing everything I wanted to get accomplished while he was gone–and then went through, broke things down, and added everything to the day-by-day sections. I also added most of the bigger tasks to the first three days because I knew I would push the hardest those three days before the exhaustion hit me…and it did. I had errands for outside the house slated for the last three or four days. Then we got ice and snow and I decided not to risk driving, especially the first day when the ice was all over. So we didn’t make it to Ikea on our own…nor did we make it to Restore. That’s ok. We did make it to Ikea after dh made it back (and got some rest). With Restore, we will have to wait until it re-opens on Wednesday as it is closed from Sundays to Tuesdays.

That list kept me on track until about Wednesday when I hit that wall and did what I could, but not much more.

I am happiest about how much we have set to donate (the place we donate to has a pick-up service, thankfully). My goal was to have six boxes or bags filled with donations, but I ended up with ten, thus far. So that is a plus.

The one big thing I learned this week while he was gone is … naps are incredible and I should take more of them. I think I need to make sure I schedule a nap in most days.

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