Word Of The Year Check-In

photo unsplash.com

Am I in integrity with myself? with my world? with my ideas? with my wants and my needs?

I believe I am. I may not be as fast at getting every little thing done as I would like to, but I am getting things done.

It is a bit weird for me, this far into February, to sit here and still be solidifying my goals for the year. Should I not already have that done for this year? Maybe. Maybe not. I think the issue with my goal setting right now is that I am not setting goals simply for this week, or this month, or this quarter…I am working farther afield and I am not as certain about where I want to be, or where we ought to be, a year from now, or three years from now, or five years from now…and that is where I am currently working on and working through things–while still keeping up with the daily plan, the weekly plan…and so on…you get the picture…

What matters is I am continuously checking in with myself, making sure I am compassionate to and with myself, and gentle with myself. With myself and with my work. That is important to me.

As a side note, there will be no 29Faces check0in this week–but you will get double the fun next week.

Until next time, please your questions or comments below.