Video: February Planner Set-Up In Hand-Made Journal

Maybe not the best video, even with all the feline help.

I am loving this journal for this month though. It made me realize one very large major issue with a lot of my other journals–for example, the twelve Zane Gray novel set that I found at Goodwill Outlet and am still turning into twelve different monthly bullet journal/planners for the year. I need a larger page–I need more space…

The journal in the video is roughly A5 and that does seem to be the size I need to stay with if I am going to be actively planning in said journal. If I am using the journal for notes, for any reason, or art of any sort, then size doesn’t actually matter–at least not in this instance.

The neat thing about that is I went through my hand-made journal stash this week and I have several to keep me busy for a few months–although I do mean to continue making other journals in a wide variety of sizes, with different papers and whatnot.

My only issue is … there is no such thing as tea-dyed colored White Out–so I just have to live with mistakes–and white White Out at times.

Now, if you notice strange colored paper — usually scrapbooking paper– glued to corners or edges of pages in the journal–those are covering rips, tears, or whatever damage may be on the page edges. Most of those were caused by the ‘help’ I had while dyeing pages…or the fact that I left things soaking for too long and then ripped things as I tried to be as careful as possible removing them from the dye.

Now, you may or may not be able to read everything in the planner. If you have any questions, leave them below and I will respond to you. Comments? Same thing–same place.