Knitting Challenge For Myself This Year

Photo by Ekaterina Krusanova on Unsplash

For the holidays, I asked for sock knitting books. (I actually have a stash of sock yarn that I snatched up years ago when I decided I needed to learn to knit socks the second, no, maybe the third time–do you know that sock yarn does not count as stash because it’s sock yarn and horse of another color entirely? So I have heard…) I now own a bunch of learning to knit and a couple more advanced than just the basic learn to knit sock books…and only two are ones I have owned for years and totally forgotten about, so…it could have been worse.

I am actually a bit glad to be able to take up sock knitting right now because I was able to grab a gift card I was gifted and buy … short sock knitting circular needles (thank you, ChiaoGoo)…this was not an option years and years ago when I wanted to pick up sock knitting (at least not that I was aware of). So, happy dance now.

So, for January right now, I have a series of bulky weight sweaters to knit up…and some reflective hats for everyone for walking the dogs in darkness and so forth. Then I need to stash-dive, very deeply, and pull up some sock yarn and then get to work.

I am actually excited about this process. To find one thing to focus on and work on, and to learn it and do it and become good at it, that makes me happy…and that is my plan for this year. On top of … many other projects…but at least my knitting counts as a meditative practice and something to help me use my brain and to create something lovely and useful.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below. Until the next time…