My Word Of The Year For 2022

Photo by Joy Real on Unsplash

My word for 2022 is Integrity.

This word has been quietly, in a calm constant and consistent voice, been speaking to me … since about Summer actually. I knew I had to continue to work with my 2021 word, Submerge. There has been such benefit in working with Submerge, things I have not brought up on this blog, things brought up only in my journals.

Where did the concept, the idea, of Integrity come from?

I ‘blame’ Sage Adderley. I say this in a joking manner. I took a free class with Sage, From Idea To Outline, and one thing she kept saying–or maybe she said it once and it simply continued to reverberate through my brain, is to ask yourself, ‘Are you in integrity with your book?’ or ‘Are you in integrity with your writing?’

It didn’t take long, moments, maybe, for my brain to start asking me, ‘Is this in integrity with yourself?’ and ‘Are you in integrity with yourself here?’ That has continued – -and has helped me find and maintain my focus and priorities ever since I took that class the first time.

So, technically I have already been working with this word throughout much of 2021–but 2022 holds even more for me, and for my integrity, to work with and work through.

What is your word of the year for 2022? How did you choose it–or did it choose you? Tell me about it in the comments below.