Word Of The Year Check-In: December

Photo From pixabay.com

This is the last Submerge check-in of this year.

I have spent all year trying to figure out — what am I trying to do? Where do I need to go from here? what is the next step? I have been digging — and swimming deeper into examinations of things I have allowed to become mundane, done on autopilot, without real thought or even interest at times.

I remember when there was a time when I needed to be able to knit at least a little bit every single day–yet this year, like the last, saw me sitting, hands idle, brain wracked with nothing at all, other than dust bunnies and moths floating through the unmoving air.

I remember devouring book after book…and now…i wish I could read more. The same goes for drawing, painting, creating…not to mention, I have classes to complete. Once, I was dedicated and faithful to that work…and then…well, I’ll get to it, right?

And that sort of list goes on and on…and I am tired of that.

I have been taking measure all of this year as I have submerged into my psyche, into my life. and I have been planning…slowly, steadily, adding in one step here, one step there, to begin to move forward in a more cohesive manner. My hybrid bujo system has become invaluable in this process.

That is where I am now. More revelations from this process will be visited here before the end of the year.

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