Video: Steve And The ‘Wicked’ Journal

This is Steve. Steve used to be a stray. Now he lives with us. Steve used to be half the cat he is now. We have fed him; he eats, a lot. Steve is at least part Siamese. If you look up Siamese, you will see that Lynx Point Siamese is a thing. Steve is the spitting image of a Lynx point. Maybe Steve is a full Siamese. We don’t know. Steve acts Siamese; he moves like a Siamese. He is the best dog in the house. Steve always comes when he is called. It took us nearly a year to decide to replace our Kyle, our beloved demon tortie, who passed … last year…sometimes we think Steve may be Kyle reincarnated, only without that whole demon nastiness thing going on. He is also a cave cat…and despite being extremely vocal at the adoption shelter, he is quite a quiet cat. Which is both good and bad because he is a stealthy heathen and practical joker. This is, I think, his first video appearance–but I am certain it will not be his last.

Now, for the journal (that you don’t get to see much of). I picked this book up at the thrift store. I also picked up the adult coloring book that I used to create the signature covers within the book at the same thrift store, at the same time. The spine is about three inches wide. There are eight signatures with eleven folios, including the signature cover page. The pages are all sprayed lightly with coffee dye. The end pages are brown packing paper and some ribbon to make the edges seem … fluffier. The outer spine is simply cardboard. My son –and I admit I have as well — has been loving the texture of the cardboard for book spines lately and so…that is what I do.

In the center of each signature, I left the binding thread hanging down outside the bottom of the book in case we want to put dangly bits on later. There is a simple ribbon closure. The edges of the pages are all gilded with gold paint. The back outside cover of the book I collaged with pieces of pages from inside the book itself and then colored with various shades of watercolors before I sealed it with acrylic medium.

And…voila…there is my Wicked journal that I will use at some point as one of my modified bujos in the coming year.