Word Of The Year Check-In: October

Photo pixabay.com

Of all the other things I have missed posting this month, my word of the year monthly post cannot be one of them. So–here I am.

Here we are going through cycle after cycle after cycle…it may be the same situation, yet again, but this time there feels to be more resolution to it. Perhaps this will be the end of this particular situation; perhaps it will crop up again at some point. It is what it is. How I, specifically, am dealing with the situations as they come up has definitely shifted–and I think that is what I am seeing more and more of…what I learn, typically forget, and learn all over again.

I am submerging into myself, diving deeper into where I am, what I want, where I want to go from here…

A lot has changed in the past thirteen, fifteen years…there is a whole new cosmos opening up for me lately…and yet, as I sit here and examine and ponder, I realize I walk the same journey–again it is a different direction on the path…same journey, different path…sort of thing…

I have actually been using October here as Preptober…even though I have no intention of doing NaNoWriMo this year. All the prepping is for a project that technically should have been revealed this month, as it is the Celtic New Year–but I am by no means prepared for that as yet. There are still sixteen days left to the month; anything could happen. It is something I have been working on for quite a while now–I never quite found that rhythm I wanted…and now I think things are coming together.

Not to mention, I have barely knit–or crocheted–the entire year–and nothing that I finished at all–until this month. Ten is the number of completion…and I am kicking out projects that have been waiting for me for weeks, for months. One new hat done; another I need about an hour to work the decreases. I have a scarf/wrap for my youngest in the works and nearly done. Four journals bound and done.

I have made progress on the house reorganization and purging, yippee yippee. I had planned to cook or bake something with pumpkin every day for our youngest. Since he grew pumpkins this summer, he is willing to eat anything — erm, at least TRY anything that I make with pumpkin…we’ve had pumpkin-shaped pumpkin waffles, yeasted pumpkin bread, quick pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cupcakes…and I have recipes and more recipes (thank you, Pinterest)…however, I can’t make something every day. Unless I want the dogs and the squirrels to eat most of what I make…more than likely the squirrels than our dogs…no one will eat everything if I make something every day. So I try to make two or three things a week, at least. Our youngest is wolfing down quite a bit of what we make–and he helps make it all as well–so, bonus there.

And, my continuing bujo journey is progressing and evolving. I started October with a 124-page dot grid journal…and I am already halfway through it right now. My next journal is already sitting on a shelf here. It is my usual A5 size, but no dot grid, no square grid, no lines–it’s completely blank, nice plain pages…and over 200 hundred pages in it. We’ll see how that works when I get into it. I have been using a plain A5 journal to take notes in my various classes and that works great for me. So, we will see whenever I get into the new one.

I think that is where I will stop this update…more will be coming…soon…