Harry Potter Reference

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

My youngest son is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. On holidays, he gets Harry Potter stuff. In general, when we find books and certain other items (as in not too expensive) in stores we usually end up bringing something home for him. He has a wand collection that extends outside the HP world. He has books, toys, shirts, you name it.

He and I frequently go online together to look up different things. For some reason, we landed on the recently published HP crochet book (NOT an affiliate link)…and since I have the HP knitting books (the one coming out soon has been pre-ordered since April)–we saw the listing long before it was published, so we, of course, had to pre-order it. I had seen it before, but since it was crochet, I waffled over buying the book–until my son saw it. So, that is how I got it…

As soon as it arrived, I think he went through it two or three times before he let me touch it…he only wants me to make about a thousand of each item in the book. (If you are interested, the book is very interesting and I am actually excited about making some of the patterns). Now, there is a sweater, and a cardigan, plus tons of toys my son (and I ) want to make and to have. BUT none of these are the first project I have plans to make. The first thing I am planning to make, as soon as I am done with my oldest son’s blanket, and probably after I finish my eyelet sweater, is the Burrows blanket…those colors are amazing. I found a worsted weight yarn, in colors similar enough to make both myself and my youngest happy (because he is an absolute STICKLER about doing things ‘right’ (which translates into doing it exactly like the pattern).

I have the yarn, which is heavier than the yarn in the book/pattern. I am planning to use an I hook, which is larger than the book/pattern. I am hoping the blanket I make is larger than the pattern/book…if it isn’t big enough, the blanket is made in squares, so it will be easy enough to enlarge. I’m not worried about that.

This is a project I am not honestly looking at until at least December–although you never know. I may whip through my oldest son’s blanket and my eyelet sweater and start on the Burrows blanket in October. Not that I am holding my breath over that, but it could happen.

How about you? What are your crafty plans for the coming months? Let me know in the comments below.