My Latest Weird Idea

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

So, I have been brainstorming my next 100 Day Project.

I have bujo ideas, Yoga ideas, knitting ideas, art ideas, hundreds of ideas, most of them scrawled out in various lists in my bujo so I can find them, and add to them as more things come up.

I already know that in 2022, I am planning to do a 108 day project. The 108 comes from the number of beads in a prayer bead necklace. I’ll tell you more about that later.

That’s not my newest strange idea. Knitpicks has some books called Fifty-To Weeks of Dishcloths.

The first is from 2014: Fifty-Two Weeks of Dishcloths A Knit Picks Kitchen Spectacular.

The second is from 2015: Fifty-Two More Weeks Of Dishcloths.

I have both, as well as several other kitchen/bath/spa type pattern books as well

We have recently discovered that for a while now washcloths have been accidentally falling into the bathroom trash, unseen, unnoticed, and those have been thrown out when the trash is emptied. No. No one here is going to dig through the trash in my son’s bathroom. We know what he regularly throws away and e just bag it up and throw it out. Period. (Nothing bad. Stuff that should be thrown away and not flushed away. But we aren’t putting our hands through that, thank you.)

Now, my son and I both prefer to use handmade, knitted or crocheted washcloths. Hi mother and his granny taught this one well. If it is handmade, this kid LOVES it–and wants more. (Yes, he is slowly coming along with his crochet work.)

I decided I want to make up at least one of every pattern, at least in the first book. There are knitted and crocheted patterns. Far more knitted than crocheted, if you are wondering.

I have no intention of working up one cloth a day for 100 days. Or even working my way through the book in 100 days.

Dishcloths can be experiments in learning new stitches. I am telling you right now, a lot of those crochet patterns are completely foreign to me. I am barely a beginner when it comes to crochet. The knitting patterns also have a great deal of variety. I started the very first pattern last week: Loganberry. I as doing fine until about row 4 of the first pattern repeat and when i got to the end of the row I found out I had lost a stitch somewhere. I decided to frog the entire thing and leave it until I was ready to start over.

Maybe I will do this project in a fifty-two week period. Who knows?

I don’t have a firm idea of the when part of things. We are not in dire need of handknitted washcloths at the moment. (To be honest, I think the ones that hit the trash can were handsewn baby washcloths that I bought for baby #1 that didn’t make it to term, and baby #2 that didn’t make it to term. I’d bought them on Etsy. I’d be more upset if they were cloths I had knit or crocheted.)

As I work on this project, I’ll keep you updated.

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