What Am I Knitting?

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

I bought the Arrow Tee pattern when it was on pre-sale, before the KAL started on July 10. When I bought the pattern in early July, I had honestly thought, sure, I will work on this one in between the other sweater I am currently working on.

I had started two sweaters in June, thinking I would work on them in tandem and I ended up working on neither of them. The entire month. Not that June wasn’t a horrible month all around. June is the one month I hate more than any other–it seems to be a family thing. Bad things happen in June. All I can say about this past June is thank goodness it was only as bad a it as this year. I’m grateful it wasn’t worse, thank you.

For the arrow tee, I got as far as auditioning several yarns in my stash to use for this project–and then it hit me I should stop, finish what I am doing and wait to knit u the arrow tee.

What I am working on is my second project that I started in June, the Easy Eyelet Yoke Sweater. I am working this one up in grey Lion Brand Wool-ease. I am planning to make mid-length sleeves, not quite to the elbows, I think.

I have learned an interesting lesson with this sweater. Since there was so much time between the first two increase rounds and the third rows, on my first round after working the (third) increase row, I apparently knit the yarn overs through the front loop and not the back loop (as I had don with the first two rounds of increases). The holes from the first two increase rows are nice, clearly visible, the works. The third row of increases, uhm, not so much.

Yeah, well, lesson learned.

No, I did not frog back or anything because of that. If I had, I would have had to frog the entire sweater. I am not frogging out another one. I will ear this sweater proudly when I am down with this one.

I love the pattern. I am happy with this yarn, I plan to knit the sweater again in a different yarn some time after I finish this one. I also plan to work all the increases in any other sweater through the back loop, consistently.

What about you? Are you working on anything? It’s July. Have you started thinking about what, if anything, you are going to start making for Christmas?

Let me know in the projects below.