Feeding The Birds

photo unsplash.com

Have you ever seen a bird that looks like the one in the picture above?

It’s called a house finch.

We feed the birds, year round, at our house. It gives the cats something to watch–other than the rabbits, the squirrels, random dogs, possums, and racoons. Plus, it keeps our cats away from the television–because when they watch TV they like to sit right up on the TV and grab at things they see on the screen–which is simply not good for them or for the TV–to say the least.

We also have cameras in the front and in the back of our house. Security purposes, you see. The one camera in the back also happens to catch some of the things that visit the one feeder in the back yard. One day, a bird that looked like the one above landed and nibbled for a bit.

I had never seen one that looks like this before. I have seen tons of the little grey or brownish finches all over the place. When we grow our sunflowers in the back in the garden, we get tons of beautiful little birds, like orioles and whatnot. I love to watch the birds as much as the cats. Never have I ever seen a little red-headed finch-y bird–until this year.

What have you seen that you find interesting this year? Let me know in the comments below.