Another Journal Post…Of Course


Now, I have a Hobonichi Techo 2020. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it for some time. (Obviously.)

I told you last Monday how I augmented my A5 Stalogy. I told you why. I wanted a more decorated space to keep notes and work through various books, all the exercises and journal prompts and whatnot. The thing is, once I finished it, it didn’t feel right to work in it in the manner I had originally planned to work in it…and so…in stepped my 2020 Hobonichi.

I love to see videos and flip-throughs where people have created these amazing spreads in their Hobonichis. Especially where they have more than one column per page, little areas for each bit of writing and whatnot. I do not seem to be capable of doing such lovely and precise work. Maybe if I tried hard I could do it…but I normally don’t have that sort of time to sit and do that sort of thing.

Look, I tried to watch a thirty minute video the other night, a class video…and an hour and a half later I got to finish it …because someone somehow needs my attention every five minutes.

What I am doing is simply ignoring all the writing in the Hobonichi — and I am using it as a regular blank journal. I simply write in it and go from there.

I would love to see some of your work in your journal, if you are willing to share.

Please leave questions, comments, pictures and whatever else you so desire