Time To Set Up My Next Passion Planner Daily

photo unsplash.com

June is coming to an end soon. I need to figure out what I am going to do with the next quarter’s Passion Planner Daily.

It already has the dates in it–I did that as soon as I got these planners last year.

I know I no longer need to put in a monthly spread because that will be going into my bujo. It will be the same with any quotes or affirmations or whatever else I might need.

So, what do I really need to put into my daily planner to help me make better use of it? I honestly think that all I need are tip-ins to mark the Mondays to keep myself on an even keel and keep myself…heck, just aware of when it’s Monday.

How is your journal/planner journey going? Have you changed anything for the middle of the year this month?

Have you done a mid-year review this month? I think that it the one thing I am missing from these daily planners here. The mid-year review questions from the weekly Pash Planner I used last year. Ah, well. Plenty of other resources to use–including hunting up my weekly planner from last year to pull out those questions.

Let me know how your journey is going in the comments below.