The Third Of Three Strange Little Projects


I am currently working my way through several books, like Kelly-Ann Maddox’s Rebel Witch, like Janet Conner’s Writing Down Your Soul…among other things…and I decided I wanted to put The Rebel Witch stuff in its own journal, instead of compiling everything into my normal daily journal — which is normally what I do with everything except my actual classwork. (Yes, I am taking classes online.) I pulled out my A5 Stalogy, the one with the yellow cover that I have been saving and holding on to for who knows what, just waiting to use it.

I wanted to add a little something to the pages, a little bit extra. I started with adding bits of collage. Pictures of yarn, of cats, of trees, whatever caught my eye in various magazines I had in my possession. That didn’t feel like enough for me. I wanted … more pages … more space.

That’s when I added an A5 page of scrapbook paper between every two-page spread. In some places, there are more than one sheet because … well … I got lost while doing it and missed that there were already pages in place and added extra anyway…hey, it was late; I was tired.

My little Stalogy is now about three inches thick. Other than my dedication on the front facing title page, I have not written a single word in this journal…

What have you been working on lately?

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