The Second of Three Strange Little Projects


For the second strange little project, which is actually the very first one I started, I took my art journal (A5) and pondered it for a little bit. All those stark white blank pages, they just stared at me. Plus, I am not entirely ready to immerse myself in filling an art journal at this point.

But I did want to DO SOMETHING…so I figured I would start prepping pages in the art journal, until I figured out what I want to do in this particular journal.

Every other page, one page out of every two page spread, so that the back of the arty page is empty, I threw down some collage. I used a glue stick to put every down. I used bits, pieces, ephemera and sometimes whatever I could find at the time. Then, I would lay down a thin layer of white paint, nothing special. I scraped that on with an old credit card. I wanted a very very thin layer; I wanted shapes, and patterns and edges to be visible.

I love doing this, even when I end up with paint all over my hands and my lapboard. Again, another calming meditative practice. Another journal I am not too certain what I will do with when I finish this process.

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