Word Of The Year Check-In: May

Photo pixabay.com

It’s been a long difficult time since the last check-in.

I’ve been ill, over and over. At least once I did give in and go to the doctor I did get antibiotics. It was a sinus infection. But between that and the antibiotics and everything else…April was sort of a bust. However, I did manage to get a lot of good and healthy sleep–which for me is not a typical thing.

I have managed to not only begin my novel, but I am slowly but steadily working my way through it. I am nearly finished with the sweater I started last month…I keep setting it aside because I don’t feel well–which is why it is taking me so long to knit the thing.

Like many things.

Slowly but surely.

At least I have been working on cleaning things out and purging things and making progress. I have to keep reminding myself that my daughter moved out and things that she has had most of her life, since she was a child, no longer need to be kept. That means I will go through one section of books this month…and then again the next month, because my 19 yo is no longer into Cam Jansen so why am I holding on to all these books she loved when she was younger?

Yep. That’s how things work around here. It’s all about layers, and going in circles. And yet, as slow as the process is, I am digging in and digging down and moving things out at a far faster rate than anyone here is acquiring — even my own books and/or yarn, lol. And yes, I realize at the beginning of the year I said I would not buy yarn — and maybe even said books…but yeah, that didn’t last…because I needed cotton in two different weights for summer frocks I shall probably not finish off enough.

I am feeling good about things again, like deep inside. I am not as worried about things. I feel things are picking up and things are improving, in all areas of my life. It’s just a process. It’s just a journey.

How about you? How is your year going? Your connection to your word of the year? How are you handling things?

So many more questions I could ask. Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below.