Grimoire: I Am


Do you nee to bolster your confidence in a given area?

For example, are you trying to write your novel?  Are you trying to create a body of artwork?  Are you sewing your own wardrobe?  Are you trying to homeschool your child/children?

Open up your Grimoire.  Pick a page.  Any page that feels good to you.  There is no reason to take each page in order, unless you want to work in your book in that manner.

Start your journaling with the words “I am…” and write whatever you need to hear, whatever you need to let out, whatever your heart needs.  Write your why…why does your I am mean something to you…what will it mean to you to truly embrace that title?   When you accept that that is you (I am a writer.  I am an artist.  I am a homeschool mama and teacher.  I am a seamstress.), what will it mean to you?  How will you feel?  Also, write out how you plan to embrace this title, your I am.  Write out how creating your life as you wish, as a teacher, a writer, an artist, etc, will help your life.  What will you do to create your life as your I am title?  What will happen to your world when you do embrace that I am title?  How will this make you feel? 

Now, on this page, or a different page if you want or need to refer to what you’ve written, lay down some collage, until you feel good about how the page looks.  Next, using white paint and some sort of scraping device, like an old hotel key or old credit card, scrape a very thin layer of white paint over the entire page.  You want to still see the collage materials, but not clearly.

Pick one color that you really love, say, in watercolor pant, or a water-soluble mark making tool, and rub that color all over the outer edges of your page, working to blur the color into the edges in a subtle translucent manner.  It’s not meant to be very dark, just a light brush of color to add some texture to the piece.

Now, to make it truly personal, you can add a photograph of yourself to the center of this page…or you can use a photo from a magazine or such that represents you.  Or you can have no photo whatsoever on this piece.  Take a black marker or pen, something that will clearly stand out, and write I am a writer.  I am a teacher.  I am…whatever you are seeking to embrace.

You can write that statement one, in the center of the page.  Or you can start at the top of the page and write it several times, until you reach the bottom of the page.  Or maybe you decide you want to write it three, or maybe five times.  Center those five statements as best as you can on the page and go for it.

Questions?  Comments?  Let me know below.