From The Vault: What Sort Of Energy Work Am I Talking About Here Anyway?


In one short sentence, let me explain what sort of energy work I do: I have no way to tell you.

I have studied a varied array of energetic techniques.  As well as techniques which defy explanation or categorization.

Reiki, Prana, Healing Touch, Shifting Consciousness, Kundalini, Tantra, Soul Shard Retrieval, Cranial Sacral Therapy–and so many other forms of various things that I simply could not name them all if asked.

When I have a client before me, I have no way of saying before-hand–I will use this technique and only this technique upon this very client.  The truth is–even if you request that I use only one technique–I won’t use just one technique–I will tell you whatever you want to hear if you can’t stand anything else–but when it comes to my work I am only the conduit–Spirit handles the heavy lifting stuff, so to speak.

If you come in requesting a Reiki session, Spirit may take one look at you and decide to use three or four other techniques layered upon and within the Reiki. Or Spirit may decide that Tonal Therapy is more what your body/mind seeks.  I can’t tell you what is used upon you–and usually I have no way of knowing before, during or after.  I do my work, and watch you integrate things.

Every technique I have ever studied has combined in my brain on some level.  Even when I am using a strictly Healing Touch methodology, my Reiki training leaks through, my Shifting Consciousness training leaks through, and so on.  I will not force myself to not use everything in my knowledge base that may be of benefit to you simply because you’ve never heard of it or you don’t know what it is–or I can’t explain it well enough to make it clear what it is.

I do Energy Work.  Period.

Some of the things I have learned are not for everyone.  I am competent enough to not overload someone, not to push someone, and not to force someone. That is all I can assure you.

If you come to me, you will not be overwhelmed.  Everything I do is gentle and compassionate.  If it isn’t, I don’t do it.

I do get results.  Not because of what I do–but because of what you do.  You allow the work I do to work upon you.  I cannot force anything upon you that your body/mind rejects or is uneasy with at any point.  Plus, I would never try. The least bit of resistance I feel from you causes me to move elsewhere and work on other things, causes me to try other things.  If Reiki isn’t working well enough, another technique might.  I keep trying, working with you at all times.

I am always open to the possibilities.

Hopefully you will be as well, so that we may enjoy a long-lasting relationship as partners.

**This post appeared on a defunct blog and defunct website ages ago.