From The Vault: Thinking Of Working With Me?


Are you thinking of working with me? Keep a few things in mind:

*You must be willing to actually do the work, to dig in and dig deep, and to face every fear and every thing that comes up.  I will be there to help you, but the bulk of the work is on you.

*You must understand that I am a guide; I am not a guru, not a master, and I am not going to be doing any of the work for you.  I am here to help guide you in the right direction for you, but once there, it is all up to you.

*You must understand that I am not a guru or master of any sort; I am a teacher, a teacher who is constantly learning as I go along.  I do not have all the answers, and as I learn and grow I may change the way I do things.  I am only human.

*You must understand that you only get out of these programs what you put into them.  

*You must understand that you are responsible for you, for your work, for everything.  I am not responsible for you.  (See above, all of the points above).

*You must be open to spiritual and magical inclinations, discussions and whatever else comes up.  I am not saying you must be part of any particular organized religion, but understand we will be dealing with airy-fairy woo-woo stuff here.

I offer:



* love, this includes tough love when necessary

* any other form of unconditional compassion necessary

* I will listen with an open heart and an open mind, but expect honestly from me at all times.

Still interested?


I am so excited to be working with you!

**This was originally posted to a now-defunct blog and a now defunct website, way back in 2018.