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You may have noticed that since the beginning of this month I have not been posting as regularly as I usually do.

I seem to have taken an impromptu pause in things. Not just posting here, but my writing has stopped–my knitting has stopped–I haven’t even been working with/in my planner to create to-do lists or anything else since the end of March. Technically, I stopped April 2nd.

I don’t know why this pause hit, but i do know that when this sort of thing happens I need to go with it.

Now, next week, I will be back to my usual posting…but I didn’t want this entire week to go by without my saying, yes, I know, I have not been showing up and this is why.

No one here is feeling well. We all have allergies, but I know it is more than that. I am used to the cycle of allergies to pollen of all types (spring pollinators, fall pollinators, day pollinators, night pollinators, oh my…and you thought the lions, tigers and bears were bad?), but this is a different sort of lethargy.

As I pay more attention to things, as I try to push through the malaise, as I try to make good on my promises to myself and to remain in integrity with myself, the more I want to sleep. Sleep and I are not typically friends. I have long had issues falling asleep…as well as staying asleep. This past week, not only have I been sleeping late, far later than I like, far later than is typical, but I have also fallen to taking a nap here and there during the day, perhaps even in the evening…and still going to bed…and sleeping in far too late for my liking.

I know when this starts to happen, this is the Universe telling me…sit down before we MAKE you … and so I stopped fighting it. Today, I am due to receive my first vaccination against Covid-19. My husband received his yesterday. Despite my health issues, I am more worried about my youngest child who can’t have the vaccine or any such vaccine…I’ll stop myself there….there is a huge can of worms I can open about that, but this is not hte place, nor the time.

So, I am hoping al the extra sleep and rest will help when I get the vaccine. A typical flu shot can knock me off my feed for a few days, so I expect at least something similar with this. Hopefully, that is all that will happen.

Rest assured, though, next week, the blog will be back on track and posts will be coming per usual.

If you have anything you’d like to hear about from me, just drop me a comment or question below and I will do my best to post about it as soon as possible.