A Bit Of Poetry : From The Vault

photo unsplash.com

Come to me, my darling sweet,

We have a game to play.

I bring for you oh such a treat.

You know I’ll have my way.

Let me tie this round your neck.

Let me bind you with this whip.

Let me…oh…now…what the heck.

I think I’ll have me just a sip.

Little tiny slinking man,

How you have disgraced me.

The time has come, I think I can

Take the time to make you see

Your punishments at my hand.

Cast your gaze and lock your lips.

You shall do as I command.

Be prepared to shake your hips

As I make your body dance.

A dribble.  A trifle.

I shall keep you in a trance.

When I am done, the rifle

Shall remove all doubt

And prove my point

As to what I am about.

With your blood, I thee anoint.

Blessed art thou, now,

You silly fiend,

And all you did was lie, how

Cruel to know, how obscene.

This piece was written as part of a Halloween Scare-Fest on the now defunct blog Sisters In The Shadows.