Word Of The Year Check-In: March

Photo From pixabay.com

For some reason, this year is a big year. I do not know why, but things are murky and swirly and wanting to move, to gush forward…but there is no real sense of direction to anything quite yet.

I keep delving. I keep digging. I keep pushing ideas around.

I pulled out my art journal grimoire the other day and began to work in it. That was a freeing and opening experience, just to smear paint and glue in random tid-bits of whatever had been stuck in an envelope–since I don’t have space to leave things laying around to be used later at this moment.

Things that I used to do want to be done once again, but want to be done differently. That is the best way I can explain it.

My soul is not asking me to do a complete 180. She simply wants me to do what I do, but at a higher level in some places, and in new and more creative ways in others.

This is where I am on my journey currently.

How is your year going? What’s coming up for you lately?

Leave me a comment below and let me know.