My Art Grimoire

same journal, but not the same picture discussed below

I pulled out my art grimoire the other day.  I had been cleaning up my area and found a few pieces of art that I had started for Southern Gal’s class Soulful Reflections.

I knew they belonged in my art grimoire. 

I also knew there were several pages in my journal that I wanted to cover up…paint over…glue something in over it…add collage…anything…

These pieces were perfect. 

I took the biggest piece and glued it down to a page in my grimoire and I made sure the substrate—in this case, paper bag—hung out of the book here and there.

Now this face I started using the Soulful Reflections method…and then I tried to fix things…and then … I had to let things dry … which is how it probably ended up in a pile of paperwork and printouts anyway.

All I need to do now, especially since the girl is dry all over, above and below, is repaint her…still using the same methods…

So, what is my art grimoire?

This journal is where I used to come (because I haven’t done much art at all in quite a while now) to pour out my feelings in art form.  I also would come to the pages and write, write, write until I got everything out that I needed to get out…and then I would paint…or collage…or both…so that nothing could be read…not that when I do this sort of writing I try to write clearly—I do my best to obscure everything.

It is my art grimoire because I pour so much of myself into her pages, so much of my magic, my energy, my love, my aspirations, everything, into it…and that makes it powerful.

A powerful journal, such a powerful journal, such a meaningful journal, deserves to be raised up, elevated and give her due. 

And this is why she is a Grimoire…and I love this book.

I do play on her pages.  I do experiment.  I do have fun.  Because these things too are magic.  At least to me.

What about you? 

Do you name your journals?  Do you title them?

Are any of your journals, art or not, Grimoires?

What makes them—or doesn’t make them—magical for you?

Let me know in the comments below.