Currently On My Needles


(In addition to working on my green Love Note sweater)

I am currently working up the Coffee Shop Wrap.  If you recall, I received the whole kit for Christmas.  The kit came with cotton yarn, but for my first one I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn.  Why?  Because it is still winter and it is cold—and I have been routinely washing all my scarves and cowls and whatnot that I wear on a regular basis—on a regular basis.

I have the yarn for three of these wraps.  The cotton yarn that came with the kit in the original colors is the first set of yarn.  The wool-ease, in shades of off-white and blush.  And the third set is the same cotton yarn as the original kit, but in completely different colors. 

For this first time making the pattern, I am working the pattern exactly as written.  I don’t see any reason to mess with it or anything.  Except—I have no plans nor desire to include the tassels on the ends once I finish knitting the piece.  I am just not a big tassel person.

As things are going, it is a simple knit.  Right now, that is a lot of what I need: simple.  I cannot wait to wear this first one.  The pattern is well-written and clear.  Worsted weight yarn on US 10 size knitting needles.  It’s all good for me right now.

What is coming up once this project is finished? 

I am thinking either a Maker Tee or a Vivian tank.  I already have yarn pulled out and put into different project bags for each of these projects, so all I need to do is grab a bag and start working.

And no, I still have not found all my interchangeable knitting needles…I still haven’t found my knitting needle bag.  Argh!

What are you working on?

Leave your comments below.