Word Of The Year Check-In: February

Photo From pixabay.com No attribution required.

Now it is February.  How am I submerging into my life here?

Journaling has been an amazing tool for me this year.  Not just the hybrid-bujo work that I have been doing.  The morning page, working through things, thinking about different issues and digging into those issues, clearing away the clouds and the cobwebs.

Clarity is a big thing for me.  I won’t say I have gained clarity around every topic that has come up for me, but I am feeling pretty good about things as we go along.

Some days, heck, some weeks, I feel I am barely making any effort, barely making any progress, due to illness.  Migraines can take me out quicker than I like.  However, I do try to do something, to manage something, every single day.  For now, most days, that is enough.

How is your word of the year working for and with you so far this year?

Let me know in the comments below.