The 2021 Stashdown Granny Challenge


Jennifer from Fiber Flux is hosting this CAL.  You can find out more on her blog here.

It sounds like an amazing idea.  Using up a multitude of yarn from my stash.  I have a ton of acrylic that I have collected over the years—I cannot resist a sale…I have yarn that I bought for one child or another for their projects or for something they wanted me to make for them.  Some of the yarn is left-over from projects.  Some of the yarn is for charity projects (this I won’t be touching).  I have been moving slowly, oh so slowly, through my stash, crocheting up one granny square blanket after another – or in my case, I think we have three, maybe four actual blankets, and at least four or more throws.

Although years ago I loved combining several strands of yarn into one for various projects when I started out knitting, I really do not do much of it anymore.  I haven’t in years.  There is no real reason why I stopped doing it– at least none that I am aware of…

When Jennifer’s post hit my inbox, I knew this was going to be the thing that helped me clear out all my Red Heart Super Saver, all my Caron One Pound, all the other skeins of acrylic and partial skeins, some gifted to me over the years, some bought at dollar stores and thrift stores, some bought on regular trips to stores that sell such yarn.  All I could think of was: lots of yarn being used up to make blankets…and I could not stop myself.

I have had in my basement a laundry basket full of yarn that I had pulled out of my stash that was to be given to a friend of my daughter’s.  It was someone that she had met online.  Before we shipped it out, let’s just say my daughter lost her desire to help/be nice to this person…and so the partitioned yarn simply sat there…for two or three years. 

That was my first stop…along with one of the Caron One Pound skeins that I got last year (more on these skeins later).  I decided to start with a three strand at one time blanket for this one.  Since I don’t do a lot of crocheting like this, I don’t have a lot of bigger crochet hooks.  The largest hook in my stash is a 9mm.  So that is what I started out with.

Oh my goodness.  Talk about a blanket working up wicked fast.  I had finished off my second cotton granny square blanket—made now into a throw—in my first evening of working for about an hour my latest granny square was half the size of cotton granny #2…

The hook I am using is a basic metal hook with a rubber-like handle.  The problem I didn’t realize I had with it is after a few minutes with so much yarn and everything, my hand, my wrist and my everything starts to ache.  So, I decided I better go online and find … my favorite hooks.  Prym.  I admit, I am addicted to these hooks.  The Prym ergonomic hooks are amazing. 

I decided I want to try an experiment while I am doing this.  I have an 8mm, a 9mm, and a 10mm on the way.  I intend to get an 11mm, 12mm, and 13mm…maybe even up to a 15mm, since I saw one that wasn’t too badly priced.

Now, my experiment.  I want to work three strands of yarn as one using my current 9mm hook.  The goal is to make a king-sized blanket with every blanket I make.  Then I want to make another three strands of yarn as one using the 8mm hook to see how that one turns out.

Now, I am not sure, moving up in hook size, how many strands of yarn I want to increase each blanket as I move up a hook size.  The plan is to use each hook to make a blanket, adding to the number of strands of yarn as needed depending upon the size of the hook.

Sometimes my youngest has issues with the ‘holes’ in the granny square blankets.  So, we are experimenting with 1 the weight of the blanket itself (who needs a weighted blanket with these things?) and 2 the size of the holes made depending on the yarn and hook sizes.

Now, how many of these blankets I can complete in 2021 I cannot tell you.  All I can tell you is that this is the goal and the reason for it.  We will see what we can accomplish.

What about you?  Are you interested in participating as well?  There’s no time like the present.

Leave questions and comments below.