Grimoire As Main Lesson Book


I have been not only contemplating the creation of my Grimoire, but also what the Grimoire itself needs to contain for me.

I do not want it to be just another extended version bullet journal/planner/catch all. That isn’t my point.

As I was discussing the Grimoire theory and the classes I have been pondering creating around the Grimoire itself, it came to me that … maybe holding on to the bujos, the planners, the ‘morning pages’ journals, and everything else while I worked on my Grimoire would be a good thing.

Much like a Main Lesson book in Waldorf education…the student has a book where, once they have mastered the lesson, they recreate what they have learned (neatly_ in their main lesson book.

I am going to include links to help expound upon my pitiful explanation there. I am in no way affiliated with the following two organizations. I simply love and trust both.

The first is the Art Of Homeschooling post about the Main Lesson Book.

The second is from Oak Meadow and their explanation of the Main Lesson Book.

What would you include in such a book?

The Grimoire I am creating here is what I am calling a Grimoire of Self-Healing and Self-Care.

If you thought I was going to teach love spells or bindings or any of those things, no. That is not where I use my power. There are plenty of others who do that already.

I am not trying to be like anyone else, nor am I hoping to recreate anything that is already out there.

I originally began this because it is something I myself need in my life right now.

I need that connection with my Higher Self…and with the Higher Consciousness above me (whatever you want to call that). I need to connect with my surroundings, with the land upon which I live, the Moon and the Stars, the blood in my veins, my Ancestry, and my Future…and I need to find and to have an equanimity therein with all of those aspects of my Self and my World.

And that is how I arrived at pondering and wondering about Main Lesson Books in regards to my Grimoire Practice.

I have a great many ideas about what I want to put into my Grimoire…but I have been getting stuck at the how…I don’t want it to be a messed up jumble of everything –it’s not supposed to be a stream of consciousness-made creation. It is supposed to be (to my mind and to my heart) more of a prolonged examination, a prayer, a meditation…in years to come I want it to be a comfort–not a source of discomfort, not uncomfortable. I want an ease to in when I come back to it in later years; I want there to be an ease to it when my children come to it to read, when their children come to it and read…

And so…that is how I arrived at the Main Lesson Book idea. I shall have the ‘pre-work’, the planning stages, the practice stages, the long bouts of stream of consciousness, put forth in … other journals, in another place…maybe in a ring-bound binder so I can move things around until and as I get the order right.

Here’s that kicker: I always knew I wanted to teach a Grimoire class…ever since I saw an offering years ago for a fiber work Grimoire class (so long ago that that is the only specifics I can now give you)–all I recall is that I had a young baby (or was about to) and the class was more than a little outside of my price range at the time…but I knew I would and could build up to that range by the time I saw the class offered up again (as yet, I have not…). When I started to write about my Grimoire process weeks ago, it did not occur to me that this is the work I would be doing.

I am not just telling you about my own journey here. I am also working up the bits and pieces of a class that I will be offering at some point.

Let me know if you have any interest in this project, either as a simple series on my blog here or as a class or as something else.

Do you have any questions? Or comments?

Leave it all below and let me know.