Where I Am At With My Sedna Piece

partial view

I think 2021 has become my year to complete projects, at least in between being ill.

Next on my list is my Sedna painting.  I think I started it in 2019.  I only work on Her when She lets me know it is time to add something more to the painting.

At this point I need to add in Her eyes.  I need to layer the seal (add several layers of paint one over the other, allowing each to dry in between).  I noticed today I need to work more with the seal’s eye. 

Now, why has it taken me so long to work on this painting and to finish it?  Because this piece especially is not at all about finishing the piece; it has never been about the end product.  This has been about learning about and working with Sedna Herself. 

This year, with my word of the year as Submerge, Sedna is a blessing. 

Slowly, I have been sinking more into my life, into my world, into myself…and I have been working out where to go, what to do, how to do things, how to get to where I want to be…all of that…

I think now that I am feeling ready to actually finish this painting for me it means that I have gotten what I needed to get from this communion with Sedna. 

I shall keep you apprised of my progress here.

Questions? Comments?  Leave them below.