The Great Green KAL/CAL


Do you find yourself using green yarn in your knitting or crochet projects a lot…maybe even all the time…then this KAL/CAL is for you…and me too.

The whole point is to pick a pattern of your choice, pick a yarn of your choice, and knit or crochet along with the group here.  You will be casting on February 15 at the specified time…you have until March 30 (at the specified time) to not only finish, but to also post pictures of your finished piece.  (The group, which is linked above, will give you all the details.)

I have already set up my project here.  I will be making the Love Note (finally!) by Tin Can Knits (love love LOVE them).  As for the yarn, I have a couple in mind, but I am not sure yet.

I do know that for my first Love Note I don’t want to fuss with two strands of yarn at a time, so I am planning to use a DK yarn.  I have two different shades of green in Mayflower’s Cotton Merino Classic.  I bought a bunch of different colors in this yarn earlier this month and have been looking forward to using it and seeing how it works up.  Oh, do I have plans.  Lol  If only I could knit and crochet as fast as I can make the plans for something and buy the yarn.

For the Love Note, I will be working the sweater to regular body length—as opposed to working the cropped version.  I am thinking of doing a size M or a L.  Eventually I will do one of each to see which I prefer.  Maybe I will do an M for the KAL in one shade of green and then do the L in the other shade of green afterwards.

The lace part is a little scary as I have not worked lace in quite a while.  I am glad, however, that the chart is written out.  I have trouble seeing charts, although when I looked at the pattern earlier today, this chart seemed large enough for me to work with if I needed to do so.

Will you be joining us?  What pattern will you be using?  What yarn?  Let me know in the comments below.