What is a Grimoire?

Originally, it was a text book, a book of information, a book of knowledge. Basically a grimoire began its life as a book of grammar, or perhaps a study of Latin. It went on to become a book of Magic in the common language.

But, what is a Grimoire? Really? At its essence? What is it?

I have been working a lot lately with bullet journal style planners, with a ‘morning pages’ journal (I say ‘morning pages ‘ because I usually write at night). I also have art journals. I have collage journals — or more commonly known as “glue books’.

I do love to have one single journal/notebook for everything…but that is a tall order. I have yet to find that one *something perfect* — or at least special enough– to want to try it out, full bore–the planner, the journal, the art, the collage, all of it, all in one.

What then is a book like a Grimoire used for? A Grimoire is a collection of knowledge used for the Self, practices you have tried, practices you want to try, practices you use regularly, your thoughts about these practices. Perhaps you add in sketches or drawings. Maybe you glue in a piece here, a piece there. Maybe you write out how and why you want to do things, break those things down into steps that you can manage to accomplish. You keep track of your progress as you accomplish things.

When you stop and look at it then, a Grimoire can be: a personal diary/journal; a planner; a tracker of goals; an art journal; a glue book; a project manager; and a self care tool as well.

This is the style Grimoire I am seeking to create. This is the Grimoire I am seeking to use. This will be the book my children will … well, according to my oldest, the book I will either have to make three of or make volumes in threes or else my children will be fighting over them once I pass on…isn’t it great to be loved like that? She told me YEARS AGO that as soon as I die she’s coming for my art journals and everything, so if I wanted the boys to have anything I better work in threes. lol

The Grimoire I am going to be working on and working with is going to be more like a Mirror than a Magic book.


I think I am going to be writing, here and there, about my Grimoire process. Sharing as I go along.

Do you have any questions or comments about this? Anything you would like to ask…or share…please leave them all below.