Better Late Than Never: January Planner Set-up

New Year…New Journal… just my title page here with my information in case I lose my planner.

My original intent was to write ‘Welcome’ in a variety of languages down the page…and then I got sick, so stopped that idea.

My markers are supposed to be water color markers…and they are not quite what they ought to be, at least not on this paper. So a bit of a smear…and some awful bleed-through on the back.

You can see the bleed-through here. I am not blaming the paper. Between the water and the other markers I used…yep, ghosting and bleed-through are to be expected.

Space to keep track of all three readings I did for the coming year back on Samhain.

My word of the year on the left and a quote on the right.

Monthly spread here. On the right side, I also added a Goddess of the month and an affirmation as well.

On the left, I keep track of holidays, birthdays, special events, appointments…I write them all in several places in the hopes I won’t forget them.

On the right, one word per day. I really love this habit. This may be the last time i draw it out in my bujo though as Passion Planner daily has it already.

Many of the rest here will be self-explanatory, so I won’t blather on about them…

And yes, I use every one of those habit trackers.

I’ll do a separate post where I show you my weekly set-up.