Prepping And Planning

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And so, the New Year begins.

I have no reason to jump on the resolution bandwagon.  I have no need of that.

This is a year, for me anyway, of goal making…and for reaching those goals.

I am still enjoying the hybrid-bujo style planner I have been using for the past few months.

I had been thinking of creating my own bujo journals for this year, but I bought the Passion Planner dailies for the whole year and I mean to use them as well. So perhaps I will work on binding those journals for 2022 and for using them then.  This year, since they are already prepared, the Passion Planner dailies it is for my dailies. Plus, they are A5 size, which is my preferred size—it works out for me at the moment.

So, I have my dotted journal, also A5, that I already have on-hand to use for my yearly, monthly and weekly logs, along with my habit trackers and whatnot.

I have a second A5 dotted journal that I am still setting up as my reference/long-term collection journals.

I am still trying to decide how to handle tracking my knitting, my crochet and my sewing projects.  I am thinking they need all their own A5 journal, but still working it out.  Some of my larger projects take many months to complete and I am thinking one journal for all of that would be better for tracking.  And yes, I do have a Ravelry account, but I don’t always update it with every single project, especially when I am asked to whip up small things, like hats, knitted in super bulky yarn.

I have a pretty B6 blank journal that I used for my personal writing/journaling.  I haven’t quite decided what I will be using as my sketch book…I have quite a few that are A5 sized…but I had in mind creating a series of ACEOs and ATCs.  So I am not sure what I will do or how I will manage to carry things with me.

I have various journal covers…and I am still contemplating on which to use and how to use them.  Once I figure that out, I will post pictures. 

I will be focusing on tracking some different things in my planners/journals this year.  One, I will be keeping a clearer eye on the Lunar cycles, rather than just Full and New Moons.  I will also be keeping better track of natural holidays, like Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses, and so on.

I am also going to keep better track of what I read and when—and why—and how I like it.  As well as keeping a clearer track of my own writing—my writing is to be more of a focus this year.  Not just here on the blog, but working on new courses, working on a novel that has long festered in the darker recesses of my brain.

I have plans, yet I worry about my health interfering, as it tends to do.  So I shall move forward as well as I am able and leave the rest in the hands and heart of the Universe.

I am going to be working on trying to find the spreads and the proper balance to track and to future plan all these tasks and ideas in a single journal (not counting tracking everything in the dailies).

I shall let you know how that journey goes for me.

Thanks for coming along with me.

Any questions or comments, go ahead and leave them below.