Three Year and Five Year Q and A Journals

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I have been working to get my youngest more involved in tracking himself and keeping up with his to dos and whatnot.  He has his large undated Passion Planner.  Some months he is very into it.  Other months, he could care less.  (Thank goodness it’s undated, so skipping a few months here and there is not a hardship.)

We are also working with him to try to talk to us more—not just telling us his stories that he makes up or talk to us about his games and telling us the jokes he makes up. 

I watched a video on YouTube where someone (it was a YouTube rabbit hole, so no idea who or when or anything)who was talking about having and using a five year journal to just record a little something every day and how she had nearly filled up the first five-year journal she’d been using and that she was looking for a new one.

Well, I have Q & A a day for kids by Betsy France (bought on Amazon) that I bought, wow, years ago with the intention of starting it up with our youngest just to see where it would lead.  I found myself A 5 Year Question A Day Memory Journal (bought at Target).  We started working in them on the first of November. 

I think this is going to be interesting for our youngest when he is older and he reads back the answers to his questions.  The five year journal for me is more so that my children have something to read about me after I pass on…because my oldest is always suggesting that I make sure that I do everything in threes so that my kids can divide everything up equally between them once I die…as if I am going to die tomorrow, you know?

What do you think about these journals?  Do you have something like this that you use?  Leave me a comment below and let me know how you like it and why you use it.