I Totally Forgot About NaKniSweMo

photo taken from unsplash

I have been so caught up in the idea of prepping for NaNoWriMo that I absolutely forgot that there is such a thing as National Knit A Sweater Month NaKniSweMo – also in November.

And I want to do it.

Can I manage to do NaNoWriMo AND NaKniSweMo?  At the same time?  And still work on the house (we are purging our basement as best as we can – and I have a plan to re-arrange and re-do the dining room/office area)…and then there’s our son…and regular housework (laundry, dishes, dinner, the usual…)…and homeschooling (both our youngest and myself)… and this … and that … and that… and this… lol.

Well, I am going to try my best, either way.  I have a list of patterns I bought recently that I want to try out…not to mention making D’s Flax sweater.

I’ll have to see what yarns I have on-hand.  I do have a plan to make a cardigan, probably the Harvest, although I could make a Boyfriend’s Sweater, since that has been on my list for quite a long time now.

A list of other sweater patterns that I bought recently are:

Maker Tee




Vivian V-Neck

Not to mention, the sweaters here in Mad Colour

I do have a couple sets of yarn bought and ready to make different Love Notes as well.

Something else I need to start prepping for this month, eh?

What about you?  Planning to participate in NaKniSweMo?  Or NaNoWriMo?  Let me know in the comments.