Autumn Knitting

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My youngest son loves when I knit anything.  A few years ago, I challenged myself to knit one wash cloth a day every day of October.  I used the Creepy Cloths (1 and 2) from Kris Knits, found here.  We have plenty of Halloween cloths.

I have been gearing up to knit something…I have a list of things I want to knit…a list of things to knit…and a list of things I have been asked to knit…

What I am planning to knit are these:  Autumn Cloths…and then once those are done the Thanksgiving Cloths.

I have yarn pulled out and in a project bag for the Autumn cloths.  My main problem is my son, who thinks every project must be knit in exactly the same color as the pattern/picture shows…unless it is a sweater for him, lol.  I am still working with him on that.  Funny how it doesn’t count if it’s a sweater I am supposed to make for him.

Which reminds me…I ought to make his Flax sweater before I go stash diving to find the yarn I have in mind for my first Ursa.  Which, after a cardigan, and a shawl, is next on my own list of things to knit myself.

But what do I do instead?  The same granny square blanket made from left-over cotton yarns (leftover mostly from washcloth projects).

What are your plans?  What projects do you have on the needles, or the hook?  What do you plan to make in the coming months?