Excerpt: How To Scare Monsters Away

I bet you expect to hear how my daughter during her homeschooling years spurred me to create this…well…yes…and no…this was written in the very early years of my two oldest children’s lives, when my daughter, especially, worried about monsters under her bed and in her closet…

It’s a bit of a hand guide for parents to help.  There are tips and formulas and not a few other ideas to help manage the fear of monsters by just scaring those bad things away.

Here’s your excerpt:


To create a worry stone, you need a small rock.  Smooth ones usually work better because it’s nicer to rub and stroke and hold a smooth stone than it is a rough stone.  You can use any type of stone you want.  You can use one you found outside during the day.  You can use special stones, like moonstone, or amethyst, or garnet, or whatever, that you buy at the store.  We usually use river stones that we buy at the store.  We buy them by the pound.


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