Excerpt: So Now You’re A Werewolf

Here comes another teaser, taster, excerpt from another of my self-directed courses.

We love Halloween around here–in case you never noticed, lol…

Long ago, when my daughter was homeschooling, we did a great deal of brain-storming.  One idea we came up with in these chats was, what would happen if you were bitten by a werewolf and had no idea what you would do, no one to teach you, and you had to do it all by yourself?

And that is how the So Now You’re A Werewolf prompt course came about.

There are twenty-eight main prompts to help you navigate your change and to process what is happening to you.

Here’s your excerpt:


Tonight is your night to run.  Do you traverse your territory with a pack, of others like you, or some other sort of pack?  Do you run alone?


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