My Ravelry Challenge 2020

In 2019, Ravelry introduced a challenge feature, where you could challenge yourself and keep track of what you did.  I chose to use 18 projects as my goal for last year.

I ended up making 24 projects (I don’t count each individual washcloth I make, even now).

I didn’t have too much of a plan last year.  I mostly worked on crochet blankets and knit up whatever my kids asked me to knit up for them (mostly my youngest).

You can see my Ravelry challenge profile here, if you are so inclined.

Now, for this year, I wanted a bit more structure to my challenge to myself.

My goal is again 18 projects.

I want to make twelve sweaters. I started this year by working on Tin Can Knits free pattern, Flax. (More about that project later.) I have plenty of worsted weight and DK weight yarn to play with for a bit.  I am also, knock on wood, on a strict yarn diet this year with the intention being to use up as much of my SABLE-esque stash.

I am already planning my second Flax, as well as a Flax Light.  It’s that good and that fun a pattern…even though I am currently doing nothing but knitting round and round for the next 15 inches.

I have some other sweater plans as well…they may or may not happen, depending on how I feel when I get to them.

I also mean to knit up a score of bulky colorwork hats for everyone in the family.  (I can’t find the pattern I bought to tell you about it, so that will be another post later on.)

I am also planning to knit up every single collection of dishcloths that I have bought from here, from designer Kris Knits.  I love her patterns.  However, I have only knit up her Halloween patterns…which is why my plan is to knit up the other sets I have bought and not knit.

My other stack of washcloth patterns comes from here, wonderful Mermaids by Wineta.  So many of her patterns are just gorgeous.

My youngest, D, also requires a hat, a black hat, to compensate him for his inability to wear his Santa hats all year round (he has three currently)…among the towering list of outfits that he has in mind for me to knit for him (which is why he is learning to knit).

Plus, if I the time and inclination, I will be making up headbands and pantas and such things since this year I am treating my hair differently and am wearing it done.  Well, mostly, since it is twirled up and held with a stick at this very moment to keep it out of my face as I work here.

Not to mention, I still have the granny square afghan I was working on late last year that I have sitting here hibernating until I finish knitting or need something totally mindless to work on when I don’t feel well and don’t feel like thinking. (Yes, when I am not feeling well…that happens quite a bit.)

If you are interested in pictures, I post them on Instagram all the time–and Instagram posts them to my Facebook (links in sidebar here).