Watery Wednesday Prompt 51

This week we need not go farther than the Bay. Down at the bottom of the Bay, we will find our friend, the child of mermaid and stargazer fish. They do tend to be a bit shy, so we may need to swim about for a bit longer than we think we should, but eventually, …

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Wednesday Prompts 2023 Theme Reveal

Photo by Amit Talwar on Pexels.com Ah. It is that time of year again when I reveal what is coming in the next year for the Whimsy Wednesday Prompts. In 2023, we are going to be exploring the winged mermaid, much like the Vila of Slavic folklore. We will be combining a bird with a …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 50

Today we are the guest of the children of mermaid and Christmas Tree Worm. They have a vast community out West there. We've been invited to spend the day with them. What do you think we will be asked to do? Should we bring gifts for them? What sort of gift would we bring, if …

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