Watery Wednesday Prompt 38

photo unsplash.com The water is deep here, but not too deep. You can look down and see the bottom. When you look down at dawn, you will see them, the child of the mermaid and the sawfish. What are they doing? Do they notice you? Do they care that you stare? Do they come up …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 37

photo unsplash.com This week we find ourselves lost at Sea. We call out for help. Who comes to see? The child of the mermaid and the Mola Mola. What do they look like? Do you think they can help us? Do you think they might? At first sight, do you want to go with them? …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 35

photo unsplash.com Be warned. These next children may frighten you with their looks, but do not be afraid. You will warm up to them, metaphorically speaking, once you get to know them. These children of mermaid and gulper eel come from the deep dark. What elements do you notice that help them survive in that …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 34

Photo unsplash.com This week, we find ourselves surrounded by a rainbow assortment of children between mermaid and nudibranch. Do you notice how children of the same brood are of different sizes? Do you notice the differences between males and females? Do you see the markings that say some of them may carry poison? What are …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 33

photo unsplash.com Now we have reached the territory of the children of mermaid and barreleye fish. What are these creatures like? Are they friendly? Are they shy? Do they come into the light or do they prefer the dark? How do they make you feel as they swim circles around you when first we meet?

Watery Wednesday Prompt 31

photo unsplash.com We slide into the time of the First Harvest by meeting up with the child of mermaid and sarcastic fringehead. What do they look like? What color is their hair? Do they wear their hair long or short? Braided, twined, twisted? What color are their eyes? Where do they hide when the storms …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 30

photo unsplash.com This week we dive into the depths to discover the child of the mermaid and the Sakhalin sturgeon. What does this child look like? Where does it live? Does it swim far afield and return to its place of birth--or does it simply swim and then swim some more? What does this child …

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Watery Wednesday Prompt 29

photo unsplash.com This week we traverse the murky depths to find the child of mermaid and arapaima. Who does this child most take after, the mother or the father--and which is which (mermaid and arapaima)? Where does this child live? Can it survive in the ocean? Can it survive in the river? What does this …

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